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Description:   The Multi Threaded Download Manager is library based program used for fast download of remote files. It can be easily integrated with X and the console applications. MTDM is implemented in C++ abiding to the OO techniques making it easily customizable.

More Downloads Related to Multi Threaded Download Manager Download-Manager Der Download-Manager ist Kontroll-, Installations- und Startzentrum zugleich - fuer 30 ausgewaehlte Programme. In den Menues System, Sicherheit, Multimedia, Bildschirmschoner und Spiele erhalten Sie jeweils 6 gepruefte Programme als Shareware.Zusaetzlich erhalten Sie GRATIS mit diesem genialen Download-Manager den Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum 3 als Vollversion!Wenn ...

Multi-Cursor Window Manager (ICE-MC) Multi-Cursor ICEWM is a multi-user window manager. It creates a desktop environment that allows for simultaneous input from multiple users. Users can work concurrently on different applications or desktop items. Each user gets a uniquely colored cursor.

Multi-Threaded Libevent Server Example Libevent is a nice library for handling and dispatching events, as well as doing nonblocking I/O. This is fine, except that it is basically single-threaded -- which means that if you have multiple CPUs or a CPU with hyperthreading, you're really under-utilizing the CPU resources ...

MultiSeek (multi-threaded search engine) MultiSeek is an (OpenSource) multi-threaded search engine. It uses a simple config file format to define its operating parameters, and comes with 15 themes. MultiSeek is a single binary that operates as a CGI on any web server, and requires no database.

Roxbird Download Manager RoxBird is a advanced graphical download manager. It can accelerate your download speed upto 40% than your normal speed. Among others its key-features include file-browser, Pre-viewer, recursive downloading,Scheduling & Queues, Write-cache, and more. Accelerate download speed upto 40% then normal speedInBuilt filebrowser, Previewer (can preview ...

Wget background download manager Wbm is a Bash script that provides a convenient way for managing multiple (Web and FTP) downloads on the command line. It also has a queue and automatic shutdown feature.

Basic Download Manager The project entitled Download Manager is the application used for down load the files from the internet or intranet. Download Manager is a tool for due to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads.

G3M Download Mananager G3M Download Manager (GDM) is a Java application which help users to manage download files, speed-up connections, and download files in schedule. GDM now have English (US), Vietnamese, and Japanese language interface.

KDown - KDE Download Accelerator KDown is a download manager and accelerator for one or more files via common network protocols. You can download files through several connections and several files at one time. Downloads can be enqueued, stopped and resumed. KDown accepts drag & drops fr

Quick Download Manager You all very familiar with the working of download manager, It is slightly completed but i request you to use it, update it, edit it, and make it useful for every one.Saurabh kumar

Multi Threaded Dispatcher A Java framework to create multi-threaded dispatching applications. It is a framework that realizes an application pattern that often appears while creating business applications.

Multi Verse e Storage This project has been developed as a part of our academic project. It aims at handling all the user files links or bookmarks with in a single app.It even has the server to server file transfer provision. It has been developed in PHP - MYSQL ...

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